Whitebait, Sand, Inspiration and Aspiration

It all started with a whitebait fritter, and it exploded from there in all directions, almost like a shock wave from a nuclear bomb.  Ever had a whitebait fritter? Whitebait, which is known by other names in other countries, is considered a delicacy in many countries.  We were Christmas-ing on the west coast of New Zealand with family, and had the luxury of home-made whitebait fritters for lunch on Christmas Day.  So there was my little 18-month old tucking into her first whitebait fritter with relish, oblivious to the fact that whitebait can cost up to $70 per kilo. This was followed by blue cod for dinner on Christmas Day.  Caught by my sister out of law’s partner.  It was to die for.  I want to say better than any fish I have eaten at a restaurant. Just gob-smackingly divine.  And there was little miss tucking in with gusto again.

My sister out of law has the joy of living five minutes walk from the beach.  Needless to say we made use of this.  There in the distance are my two most favourite people in the entire world.  It was little miss’s first time at the beach, and we repeated this on an almost daily basis, as did she.  Toddling at speed towards the water, then turning around squealing and trying to evade the wee waves lapping at her feet.

Carters Beach

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected quarters. After leaving the west coast and heading back to Christchurch I indulged in a bit of pay TV.  I am a bit of sucker for home programmes and the like, so had flicked to the Living Channel.  And I was caught by an advert, at least I think it was an advert.  So caught that I videoed the TV when I finally managed to catch it again!  It was perhaps a dozen quotes at most, that just resonated.  I share the first here, and would like to share the rest with you as the year progresses.

“Stop saying I wish, start saying I want”

On our penultimate day in the fair country of my birth, and the place that I will always call home, I spotted this on the windows of a coffee chain that exists in NZ. We weren’t going there, we were on our way to walk around the botanical gardens, but it caused me to stop and get a photo.  I do not know if it is across the nation. Perhaps it only appears in Christchurch, a city that has really had to look within.  It kind of touched upon my time home, and why I had been inspired by it.

inspiration quote coffee robert harris

Now I am not one for New Year’s resolutions.  However I am one to pause and reflect around Christmas and New Year and think about what I might like from the year ahead.  I know that I have a bad habit of letting work expand and take over too much of my life despite me not wanting or intending to let it.  Something really resonated this break.  The perfect storm as they say.  Whitebait, sand, ads on TV, … , I want my life back.

So where to from here.  Well, we have aspirations, a plan even.  It is loose, but it is real.  And it is exciting.  I feel like life has snapped back on track.  There is a horizon and we are now heading for it again.  The path won’t be straight, but that’s the real fun!  Watch this space, as I would like to share this with you.