Still crazy, but making progress!

I went out to run a single errand Friday morning, a simple go and collect mission for a BBQ cover that we had already paid for but had not been in stock.  As I was walking into the shop I eyed up the Spotlight store at the other end of the car park to where I was.  And then I thought bugger it, it is a new store, I am going to go in and have a quick look once I am done.  True to my word I did not linger as I had the little girl in tow, and I am not a believer of dragging her around stores.  However I did not leave empty handed.  I came out with these, aren’t they gorgeous?wool

Now as I have previously said I have a bit of a random wool purchasing addiction, albeit not breaking the bank (the purchase above cost me $4) coupled with a too many projects on the go and none looking like being finished habit!  However I am slightly on the improve.  And it is about making some of my supposed free time for this.  As I said in my first post of the year I do have to get my priorities balanced. And I am pleased to say that as January draws to a close I have been pretty good. It has helped that I did not go back to work until mid January, and that we also have a long weekend in this part of the world this month.  But hey you have to start somewhere!

So what have I have finished?  Well I am pleased to say that I have completed all the pieces of a cardigan for my little girl.  I was so utterly taken with the ripple effect, I kind of want to knit many items with ripples!.  Procrastination does mean that what was on target to be finished in time for her first birthday as the cardigan is sized for 12 – 18 months is still not finished.  I am reluctant, well unpractised if the truth be known, at sewing up knitted items.  I fear that I ruin my knitting.  The fact that my daughter is already 19 months old does leave me in some quandary re the cardigan, perhaps an item for my imagined Etsy store.  However I have also made another scarf for a friend for her birthday earlier this month.

So if I never get an Etsy store off the ground and up and running (my second get rich slow scheme after this blog!) will that be a failure, a goal not achieved. No, quite the opposite.  As the saying goes, life is a journey not a destination.  And at least I have bought two things back into my life, I am crafting with some regularity. But more importantly I am back imaginating, having wild imagining and creating thoughts, and it feels wonderful – I am alive.

So what makes you feel alive at the moment?  I would love to hear.  And happy Australia Day to all those celebrating today.