I am not getting old

I may be a “wrong” side of 40 first time mum, but I certainly do not feel old. However it does make you check your birth certificate when movies you know as originals are already being re-booted!  Even the terminology has had a makeover, it used to be just a remake!

Still I am not the first person to experience this.  Indeed I have been on the giving end.  My Mum was a big movie fan, someone who lived during the golden age of cinema.  Towards the end of my Mum’s life I would often rent a DVD for us to watch together, typically a movie I had already seen that I thought she would enjoy.  I remember so vividly turning up with the Thomas Crown Affair starring Pierce Bronson and Rene Russo, thinking I had really out down myself this time.  My mum matter-of-factly said that’s a remake, and named the actors.  I was floored, perhaps even speechless!

So it makes you wonder sometimes if there are any new stories to be told.  In a sense the human condition has not changed in hundreds of years, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl or vice versa.  What changes is the backdrop.

The original Thomas Crown Affair was on TV recently.  I have recorded it for a rainy day.  I will think of my Mum when I watch it.

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