You mustn’t be afraid

To dream a little bigger

Back at the start of the year I said a TV ad had caught my eye in a meaningful way, and that I wanted to share the quotes as the year progressed.  Partly because I think they are beautiful, but perhaps more importantly to keep myself inspired.  We are already half way through the second half of the second month of the year, and that energy and sense of focus that the start of a year brings is often starting to wane.  As I work in the tertiary sector in the southern hemisphere the work year is really starting to pick up and the balance I want in my life is potentially under threat.

I had a conversation with a colleague recently who said the term life/work balance is now outmoded.  The reason is that work is part of life, whether it be work to live or live to work (as is the case with some academics – they get great joy from their academic pursuits and work is not a 9-5 scenario).  And so whatever your mix, balancing the time you put into work is about balancing life.  It is life balance we are looking for.  I really liked this, and in honour will change my life/work balance category on this blog to life balance if I can.

So how am I inspiring myself at the moment?  Well I have just pulled up the second quote from the TV ad.  And I must admit it didn’t immediately grab me, but then it got me thinking.

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger”

Sometimes the things we wish for are small.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I wish just for the traffic light to change immediately and that does make my moment.  So what am I really dreaming of?  I do not want to answer to the call of work anymore.  I want the little things to be front and centre.  And I am working on it.  But this is the reminder I needed to try and do one little thing each day to get a step closer to that big dream.

Would you like a view like this?

queenstown nz life balance

Not my house, not my view!  But we are exploring a destination like this as a potential direction in our life.  A little big thing!  How exciting is this?  So my dreams big and small are in the mix.  Indeed this little big thing is all about work not being front and centre.  How about you, what are you dreaming of?