In lieu of a post…

…a link to an article that I liked here.  I’m still a ways off turning 50, but have always believed that ageing gracefully but not lying down is the way to go!  My intention is to rock up to my death bed having lived a full life.  However there was quite a bit in this article that applies to you whatever your age.  I really liked the Focus on what you have section, which I quote below:

“Stop criticising yourself when you look in the mirror, … Rather, take an objective look at what’s there and consider whether it needs changing.  Do you need a new haircut?  If so, don’t beat yourself up, just get a new haircut.

“I think every woman is beautiful,”… “So, you have to find what is it in you that makes you beautiful and play on that, …”

Whether you are 55 or 25 that works for me.  What’s your favourite bit in the mirror?  Mine is my eyes.