Nothing great

Those could be the two words that I could use to describe my current status, missing in action from my blog, right out of whack with my life balance (me no see life, me just see work, evidenced by late nights working and no down time).  However that is not what those words are describing.  They are the first two words of my saying from that TV ad for this month, which is

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

So even though I am having the two weeks from hell, I am having a blast with one of the aspirations that I wanted to consider pursuing again.  I am enthusiastic, and it just feels so natural.  So what am I doing?  Well I have been given an opportunity to give three lectures at University in my original discipline, a career path that I veered away from unexpectedly (but that is another story).  On the flip side this is timed with the recent start of my new, very dynamic, boss, so it is fully hectic, while still working four days a week (I love my one day a week that is mother and daughter – and do not want to give this up – ever!).  However I am bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement.  Now sometimes that simply happens because you a have a taste of something different to the norm.  But for me it is proof that perhaps part of my longing is based in reality, and needs further exploration.  I feel so glad that I have created the opportunity for me to do this.  And it is a great reminder that enthusiasm really shines through, and I do not truly have it my current role.  Anyway that is all from me for at least another short while, as still have a second week of hell to traverse!