Heaven where you least expect it

Sometimes the last place where you would expect to indulge yourself is the best indulgence of all.  If you are ever in the small town of Westport, on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, with part of an evening to spare I have an indulgence for you to experience.  The West Coast Bush Bath.

I have had the pleasure of this twice in my life now.  I am originally from a small country town in NZ and after living in the big smoke in more the one country you sometimes forget that small places can have really great ideas.  This is definitely one of them.

So what on earth is the West Coast Bush Bath?  It is a bath well big enough for two (they have a single option too) with bubbles if you want, outside, private, and surrounded by native NZ bush.  It is just heaven.  As the parents of a small child the sheer decadence of the two of us lounging in a bath without interruption while the outlaws looked after the sleeping girl cannot be underestimated.  My sister-out-of-law had made it really special by a chilled bottle of champagne and candles.  Life doesn’t get any better.