A tale of two poppies – part II

A long while back, in fact a year yesterday, I told a tale of a hot poppy, and promised a second poppy story, hinting that it would be a small poppy with a tall poppy twist!  Sounds like poppycock to me!  But it was not in jest, the slender poppy is about to reveal herself!

As women traverse pregnancy and early motherhood their body, which is a vehicle of wonderment, can get a bit battered and stretched around in the process.  I imagined myself blowing up like a large ballon during pregnancy, and ending up a plumper version of myself, wondering if I would ever revert back.  Now I should quickly add that I am not someone wrapped up in image.  Yes, I like to look nice, but it is not what gets me out of bed in the morning.  An example to reflect this is that 20+ years I have had long hair and no hairdryer, because I think there are better things to be done with my time.  However I do get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks, and highlighted twice a year as I want it to be my crowning glory, albeit a very low maintenance one!

But I digress.  That plumper version of me never eventuated.  10 days after my dear sweet girl was born I was back into my jeans.  Boo hiss I hear!  It gets worse though.  Shortly thereafter my jeans were too loose and I had to go down a size.  A good male friend of mine, a parent of two himself said to me, don’t tell any women whatsoever, they will kill you.  I am still quite reluctant to share this.  In a sense it was simply luck of the draw, genetics plus being able to breastfeed which without a doubt made a huge impact.  And I am not writing this to say look at me, or rub it in, but rather to say this is something utterly unexpected but good that happened to me that I want share.  Perhaps a bit of self induced tall poppy syndrome at play here, the concern that others may rain on my parade for something I am genuinely delighted about.  If you take the larger picture into account – the fact that my parents are long gone and never got to meet my other half let alone see me become a mother or meet their only grandchild – I think I can be stoked about my figure!

It was not like it was all plain sailing.  We did have a temporary panic at the time, every day the scales said a lower number, clothes increasingly flapped, and we did not think it was going to stop.  I went to the Dr to make sure all was ok, and my thryoid was checked to make sure.  It was.

As I joked to many people I may be old but my little girl has made sure her Mum looks hot!

What is something that has utterly unexpectedly happened to you that has been a real delight?