What I did not do in April

I did not share my quote of inspiration.  To quote from Muriel’s Wedding, “You’re terrible Muriel”, aka North Melbourne Mum.  Well not entirely, but think this means I have to aspire to inspire twice in May!

“Custom build your dreams”

I was not initially inspired by this quote, and thought of cutting it out.  How would any of you know?  But then this began to resonate with me.  How often do we think the ideas of others are great dreams for us, or let others modify or rain down on our dreams?  I remember, probably a tad over thirty years ago now, but can still see clearly in my head.  I was walking down the street with my Dad to a market, it was a Saturday morning.  He asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I said I wanted to travel.  Ah the dreams of the very youthful.  He said without hesitation, make sure you get a trade behind you.  My Dad wasn’t telling me to be an electrician.  Well he might of been, but I never thought that for an instance.  But he was telling me to have something to fall back on if I wanted to venture across the world.  And I trade I did earn, I became a card carrying scientist, it has taken me across the world, given me unique experiences that I would not otherwise have had.  Dinner on white linen covered tables, nestled on the hills of the Alhambra, Spain with all nationalities of scientists.  An evening that occurred 10 years ago that still resonates because it was picturesque and can recall sitting there and thinking if I did not have my “trade” I would not be a party to this very special experience.  So there you go, that wise advice of my father I did take, but I took it in my own way.  I think that is custom building your dreams.  How about you?