Plastic Surgery and Botox not required here!

Now I am not a proponent of plastic surgery, Botox, and the like in the first place.  I have long been a fan of growing old gracefully, albeit not rolling over and saying wrinkles, grey hair, come party here!  Easy to say when the numbers of years are not yet at the point to disguise.  However I now have a genuine alternative for you, perhaps akin to a magician’s slight of hand in performing a magic trick, it is all in how people see you.

I was at the bank last Friday, running a simple errand.  A staff member walked behind the teller serving me and made some comment about the teller’s hair, and was then out the front of the counter next to me and I randomly became part of a conversation about long hair and ageing.  This staff member sort of looked at me and my little girl in her pushchair, and mildly glibly said, “what would you know anyway”, to which I replied, “I am older than I look”.  She said I’m 47 (the very age my mother was when she had me, I would have picked her younger), to which I replied I’m 43.  She said I just assumed you were in your 30s – she had taken years off me!  Her eldest is 27, mine just one month short of 2, and yet there were just 4 years between us.  Therefore also proving that age is just a number!

So there you go, women in your 40s – steal a toddler and you will be back in your 30s!  No dollars outlaid, no recovery period – well ok that depends on the toddler you stole!

aging gracefully

Reproduced from Amazing Grace 259