My last craft gift

Well it probably won’t be entirely.  But I am genuine about trying to turn my hobby into an income stream.  Not in the sense that I want it to make money, but in the sense that I love to craft but there is a saturation point to which friends and family like craft gifts!  So for me this is really about having a creative outlet.  Some balance in my somewhat uncreative work life.  Not that it was always this way.  Science I believe is one of the most creative careers you can do.  You are always on the edge of discovery, and scientists are innately creative.  I have had the privilege to walk this path.  Science has and will continue to change the world.

So ostensibly what is my last craft gift.  A baby blanket for an upcoming baby.  Mother Nature doing her finest.  No challenge whatsoever for a true knitter.  I am simply making the most of that yarn known as pom pom wool.  But as a working mum of a toddler it is the thought that counts, and at the end of the day I did make this.  And the Mum & Dad to be could not believe I had made this.