And I missed May too!

Slippage, just like April!  So a blog goal of two for June.  Here is the first.

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”

I love this.  How often do we hold ourselves back from doing what we really want to? Often thinking that all is out of our control.  Or we can’t possibly do this or that, sometimes matters small like I can’t possibly wear that colour lipstick to matters large like I can’t give up this job, what will I do?


I am even more reminded of this tendency as the mum of a young child.  Her enthusiasm and utter lack of boundaries is lush.  Where we often resort to learned habits or do not want to rock the boat.  I say break down those self made fences.

After I finished Uni I was somewhat reluctant to make the next big step, meandering a little, but then a wall breaking moment presented itself and I grabbed it with two hands, and in that moment booked a one-way ticket from NZ to the UK departing 10 weeks later.  I had no idea what I was going to do.  I was fairly certain I wanted to continue my Chemistry path, and my back up thinking was if the worst came to the worst I could work in a pub like all other Kiwis and Aussies!  Would I make the same choice now?  Looking back I was incredibly brave.  Now life has changed, I have an other half and a young girl of two to consider.  But what I need to remind myself of is that brave girl still exists, and I have.  We have just made a purchase of land in another country.  The time frame here is a bit different, years rather than weeks.  But at some as yet to be determined point in the future all I know is I won’t be doing what I do now, and that is exciting beyond measure.

And what happened in that 10 weeks all those years ago – well I organised a post-doc at Imperial College in London, and I never looked back.  The first step is always the hardest. What are your moments and stories?


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