This book has made me a widow!

A long while back I invited you to enter Mr Chen’s Emporium.  This time I did not have to wait several months and need to get sick to read the sequel!  Though on this occasion I purchased the book in Australia, and it wasn’t until I was home in NZ on the west coast for Christmas that I got to partake in “The Jade Widow” by Deborah O’Brien.  This may not mean anything to most people, but that previous sentence indicates that I made room for the book in my luggage, which is no mean feat when travelling with a small child for whom you share your suitcase with!

I really did enjoy the book, though I was a touch saddened that it did not have that flick between the past and present.  But what really impressed me, but at the same time made me go “oh no” was the clear statement that there would be no sequel – when you have fallen in love with these characters and want to know more.  Widowed just like that!  What a bold move – that says something about the author to me.  That I can draw the line, on a loved and may be even an easier path, and choose a new one.  Brave, and I like that.  The author has a new book out.  I must get to that in due course.

While I never seem to be able to quite make the time I would like, to indulge my once constant reading habit, and consequently my book acquisition tendencies have also followed suit, downwards, I have not entirely stopped.  And given my loose west coast of NZ theme – ok single thread! – running through the short list of books I have actually managed to read, I am continuing that theme.  So with that loose west coast connection in the little stash beside my bed is “The Luminaries” – I figured I have to support a NZ writer, even if she has won the Man Booker prize and needs no support from me!  For those that don’t know, the book is set on the west coast of NZ.

Jade Widow Luminaries