If your dream home does not exist, create it

My now, back on track, inspiration for the month is

“If your dream home does not exist, create it”

This can be taken large or small.  Home to me means more than just a house, it means how you live your life at home.  I have mentioned earlier this year, in a post or three (!), that I am trying to put the balance back in.  An opportunity for me to really make this happen has transpired, albeit in an unexpected way.  I am changing roles at work. This weekend has been the in-between, between old and new, and while the role is equally senior my shoulders have lifted.  I was not expecting that, but the stress of the role has really dissipated.  Furthermore I am not going to be crazily busy to start with so I am about to lock in the no work in the evenings and weekends routine, so I can have a life, so much so that I do not want to give it up.  And hoping this simple technique sets some parameters with my boss.  So this is the first step for creating my dream home.

Today I visited the Craft & Quilting show in Melbourne.  With life being so hectic both in reality and as afore mentioned also self inflicted I have let weekends slip by.  But not this one!   It was a real treat to head off into the city for a couple of hours leaving the wee sweetheart at home and being responsible only for myself – freedom!  I walked into this hall of amazing creativity.  Just being there was inspirational.  Now my love affair with craft goes back a long way, but it has waxed and waned it terms of attention.  But I came away thinking you never really lose anything, sometimes it just takes time to come back to you.  I was also really touched by the wording on a quilt, “From good deeds sown, friendship grows”.  So my next two steps for creating my dream home are pretty straightforward, craft, craft, and craft some more because I love being creative and I love colour (that is one step!), and the other is remember to have and make time for other people without thought to the outcome.

Last, but definitely not least, we have also made a very big step in creating our future dream home.  Way back in February when I posted this the idea seemed a little left of centre to say the least.  Now we have a view just like that, or at least the makings of one.  It will be some years before we actually build.  But now we have all the fun of imagining a whole home and garden, and a changed way of life.  For the first time in a very long time I feel like my life is back and it really is in my hands to keep the balance. What would you do to create your dream home?

snow capped mountains