Tea, old and new

Read a post recently about a young mum heading out for afternoon tea with her sister and daughter, an occasion that is seeing a resurgence in popularity around the globe. Which made me think about tea in particular, and brought back a fond reminiscence of my closest Aunt.  As I have mentioned earlier we have taken a shine to Lapsang Souchong tea.  And in doing so we have become users of loose tea, something my Aunt always maintained.  She was a lady who more often than not had lemon in her tea as opposed to us heathens (ok me anyway) who have milk.  She who would warm the pot before filling, and who taught me that tea should be made with water that was just off the boil.  She was like a grandmother to me, my Mum’s eldest sister, my grandmother having passed away when I was 7; and this Aunt having had no children of her own.  I stayed many a school holiday with her.

I have to say that using loose tea is probably much easier these days, or at least it seems so to me.  No tea strainers as your pour out of a teapot, though my Aunt would probably question a mug instead of a cup if she could see these photos!  Did you know that you can buy what I call the modern equivalent of a reusable tea bag, which are just as convenient as using a tea bag.  I even imagine them to be more environmentally friendly than tea bags, but who knows.  We purchased these (official term is infuser) from T2, and have not looked back with our loose leaf tea.  I suspect they are probably a re-versioning of something centuries old too!