Mistakes are proof that you are trying

I almost never talk about work, my blog is a distinct part of my life.  But I had an experience this week that has lingered with me.  I have recently taken on a new role, a wonderful opportunity, though not without some matters needing resolution.

I was right in the midst of what I believe to be the central starting issue, but was only seeing it from my perspective. And as is my nature was wanting to push really hard to resolve, albeit it is a particularly challenging matter.

I had a random conversation with a colleague I don’t know well but for whom I had heard good things about.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  Hadn’t appreciated that my forge ahead was making someone else feel very threatened. That wasn’t my intention. And I had completely forgotten to remember that I had four times the people resources than the other person in question.  It was a timely reminder that it is important to take stock of a situation and try see it from other angles.  And I’m really glad this has happened as it was a needed and important reminder to have at the commencement off taking on an even more senior role.  While it is important to act on the things you believe to be true, there is more than one way to get there, and it is important to realise that.  That old win the war not the battle chestnut.

And it is this that leads me to my quote for July, whether it is work or play

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying”

I am ok with mistakes, how else do you learn?  Doesn’t matter how senior you get at work it is how you handle matters, particularly those that are unintended or have gone wrong that counts.