I have to inspire twice this month

inspirationI had every good intention to squeak in my on-going changing inspiration for each month, in August.  But alas time altogether got away from me. The joy of being a full-time working mum to a toddler when it is crazy busy at work.  However I am going to do my utmost to hit the mark twice in September.

From humble beginnings come great things

So I have done my first guest post over at the Social Hands blog here.  It is actually a re-versioning of my third ever post on this blog, check it out.  Now I am not saying that this was a humble beginning and it is now a great thing!  But I never imagined two years ago when I wrote that post that I would one day be re-writing it for another blog.  I am somewhat selfish in that intent – I am hoping to grow this blog and from that my still soft launched Etsy store by contributing to the other blog.  Everything starts small.  My other half loves to recount this tale from his good friend, who at a conference in San Francisco came across two unknown guys endeavouring to peddle their wares – Larry Page and Sergey Brin – you might of heard of them, or perhaps Google!  On that note believe in what you do, start what you want, who knows where it may lead.

inspiration google