How do you start your morning?

I would be the first to admit that I am not an early morning person, in the sense that I am not someone that jumps out of bed at 6 am ready to tackle the world with a spring in my step and a glint in my eye.  In fact I was quite worried (ok truth be known, totally paranoid!) before my daughter was born that I would not hear my child cry and remain sound asleep, and disaster would occur.  How naive was I!

alarm clock north melbourneHowever I have always been someone that has been able to get out of bed easily when the alarm goes off.  So I would describe myself as a semi-morning person, as long as the alarm has the respectable time of 7 am or even better, 7.30 am.  This is where the other half and I are different (he pulls himself out of bed at the last moment possible); and have a difference of opinion.  I am a sound sleeper, but come awake almost instantly the alarm goes off, and do not drift back to snooze land, unless exhausted.  He is of the endless hitting of the snooze button ilk, seemingly able to turn over and drift off again.  Needless to say many a pointed discussion has been held about what time the alarm should be set for over the years!

However we have had a new alarm clock that neither of us now fights for control off for more than two years.  The child alarm goes off every morning at a time of her choosing. So how do we start our morning?  The sweet girl is collected from her bedroom and brought to ours.  We start the day with cuddles and snuggles, just heaven.

She is also living proof that children learn by observation.  As have mentioned previously we are a pretty techy family.  And while we time limit her, we have set up my old iPhone for her to use on the weekends when she is in bed with us as we start the day.  Pretty hard not to when Dad has one in hand in bed.  However alas that is no longer good enough.  At the ripe old age of two and a quarter her first word in our bed in the morning is now iPad, with a questioning lilt.  And as she knows how to fire up her Play School app and watch an episode who are we to resist staying in bed for half an hour on the weekend relaxing. Anyone would think we were older first time parents who liked to lounge around in bed! And if I am the first to get the day moving and head to the shower, it is a sweet picture to see my two most favourite people in the world somewhat focused on their i-devices.