My first flower

Made in North MelbourneAnd I’m so excited!  No, it isn’t the the very first time in almost 44 years that someone has given me flowers!  But for the very first time I have made a flower using a flower loom, check out my first attempt.  Now you may have to use a bit of imagination to see a flower, I was just using some left over wool to try it out.  But I think it looks like a flower, and it has inspired me; or depending on your point of view has made me flower crazy.

A little while ago I did a soft launch of my Etsy store, and I am still in soft launch mode. But thanks to a somewhat simple plastic contraption my head has exploded in a riot of ideas, and I have not hesitated.  I have bought some really cool wool to create a scarf, but then raced out later the same week to buy ribbon and have my first loom produced product up in my Etsy store.  Hair clips are my new thing.  I have another set already made, and a third in production.  Not bad for a full time working mum, with a whole lot of other must do’s on the proverbial list!

And with that in mind my quote from that advert all the way back over Christmas/New Years that I am still endeavouring to re-capture every month is:

Don’t follow your dreams, chase them

I am going looming mad!  And I’m excited.  I am dreaming of my Etsy shop going wild with sales, a studio full of craft that is my domain, and not having to work for a master other than myself (apart from the almost three-foot terror who clearly is THE master!).  The very worst outcome is that all of my little girl’s friends are going to get hand made gifts when their birthday’s or other occasions roll around.  That’s not a bad failure if this dream doesn’t come to pass.