The joy of a day off work

It is tough being a full time working mum some days, I know I am missing out on moments that will never occur again.  On the up side I had the luxury of generous maternity leave and return to work provisions – thanks to the sector I work in.  The father and I were in the luxurious position of being able to share the first twelve months of her life together, with the little girl only commencing care when she was one, and it was not until my little sweetheart turned two that I went back to full time work and she into full time daycare (we have no family in the country).

Since returning to full time work I now take a day of annual leave a month so that we have a mother and daughter day.  Nothing particular ever planned, just the joy of a day with her. Today the highlights of my day off have been simple.   On the way back from the shops on Errol St we had to stop at the stairs on a building we pass.  Holding my hand she jumped down every step – and of course had to repeat!  The ever helpful little girl asked to carry the bag – we had been up the street running a couple of little errands.  Here she is bag in hand.  Worth the risk of perhaps slightly bruised Chorizo for dinner!  We are not big believers in TV for little folk, but she is allowed to watch a little on the weekend – a half hour or so on a Saturday and a Sunday.  So an extra little treat of TV time.  Here she is sitting on my lap – look at her legs crossed, just like Mum!

I do both ponder and question working full time.  My heart already knows that I would love to have stayed at four days per week.  And I like to live a life without regret.  However we have some particular lifestyle goals that are enabled by my working full time; that are hopefully going to transform our lives in a way we can only imagine.  So it is very fair to say that me working full time is a choice not a necessity.

I am also hopeful, perhaps wistful, given the number on my life clock, that I will get to be a Mum a second time.  What greater joy than to experience this all over again but with a whole new personality.  And by my hopeful reckoning by the time maternity leave and return to work runs its course I will be able to stay at 4 days a week rather than 5 – it would mean the world to me.

Nevertheless today has been a day of joy, and there is still the afternoon to go – I fancy a tram or a train ride just to ride around could be the adventure to have.  And my next day off work with her is already booked.