Indulgence defined by “A Place of Her Own”

An indulgence.  In that time known as pre-children I never thought twice of a morning in bed, not getting up, and indulging in a novel. This sometimes including an excursion to the kitchen for toast and coffee.  At other times it was a lazy afternoon or even a late night in bed, reading well past the time the light should have been turned off and the eyes closed. My daughter had an extra long nap yesterday – 3&1/2 hours – and decadently I sat and read A Place of Her Own by Deborah O’Brien for all of that time.

A great third and final book in this Australian author’s series, having written previously about the first and second books. I could write a lengthy review but the best way for me to describe my reaction to this book is that it arrived in the mail this week, and in my afore mentioned 3&1/2 hours I just kept on reading, I did not want to put it down nor wanted my daughter to wake up!  And while we do not let our little girl watch TV very much – it is a weekend treat only – I was somewhat delighted when she did wake up that she wanted to have her treat, giving me just enough time to finish the book.  I really recommend this series, it is often that you read three great books all interconnected but separate, and all fabulous.

A Place of Her Own

Speaking of indulgences I have also recently signed up for a year’s subscription to Country Living – a magazine from the UK.  Quite an old edition was siting on the table in the kitchen at work and it appealed to me.  As is the case for many busy working mums and dads you do not often have or make time for yourself.  Now I know once a month I will stop and sit and wander through this magazine when it arrives.  I bought it as a source of inspiration for my Etsy shop.  Not sure it will pan out that way, but I am still going to enjoy kicking back with the magazine.

What is your current indulgence?  I would love to hear.