Fare thee well North Melbourne Market

As the saying goes, all good things must end.  And truth be known it is now quite some time since the North Melbourne Market farewelled North Melbourne.  But I have not yet said my goodbye, and I wanted to – primarily as I had not had a chance to acknowledge the stalls that had caught my attention at my final visit.

I really wanted to single out dozey boo, the most gorgeous children’s clothing.  What really caught my eye was the utterly gorgeous coat you can see in the photo above, on the stand.  It was just sensational.  So well made, the quality and workmanship was obvious, and so stylish.  When my little girl is not growing out of clothes at a rate of knots I want one!

I also want to mention Spin One Knit One, it was near the entrance the day I visited, and some wool caught my eye.  I have to admit my knitting, while now regular, has not yet progressed sufficiently for me to feel investment in high quality wool is quite there. However this is only a matter of time.  Finally I could not resist Stark – look at those cakes. From memory they did not last the day!  Need I say anymore?!  As a fan of canary yellow I could not even go past their card.

I miss the fact that once a month I had the option of wandering around an array of people, almost all creative, showcasing their wares, running small businesses at the North Melbourne Market.  It is a tough gig for those folk, a privilege to be able to talk directly to many of them, and a source of inspiration.  So a belated fond farewell, I will just have to wander further a field with a bit more effort for this experience now.