Haute couture only for my little girl

Well not really.  Translation I have sewn my daughter a skirt!  And while I cannot be 100% sure I am almost certain that it is one of a kind, and I am certain that it is fitted just for her, as I adjusted the elastic to her waist.  So why do I think it is one of a kind.  Well the fabric is left over from a dress my Aunt made for my Mum years ago.

So I think I have mentioned once or twice that my parents have long since kicked the bucket.  And it isn’t that I live in the past.  I recall very strongly that my Dad did not believe in cemeteries, he always said you don’t remember those who have passed away by visiting a grave site, but rather you actively remember them in thought and how you live your life when they spring to mind.  I must tell you how we dealt with Mum & Dad’s ashes another time, because I think it is a funny story.  What I did want to say is that it is really nice to make a skirt from some fabric left over from a dress my Aunt made my Mum.  I have photos of Mum in this dress, and will be able to show my daughter.  There will be a moment when I will be able to make my Mum just a little real for her, to tell her that her favourite colour was red.  And in sewing this skirt my Mum and Aunt have come back to me, which is really nice as we approach Christmas.