Christmas all round

First up the sins of the parents… Or put it this way we have brought the following on ourselves.  It would be fair to say that we are partial fond of caffeine.  For a relatively recent birthday I gave the other half a home barista course.  The deal being that if we wanted a manual machine it would mean that he would have to always make my coffee for me.

Our Christmas present to ourselves this year was a Nespresso machine. We were thinking of wrapping it up and putting it under the tree for our daughter to unwrap for us.  But after being purchased last Saturday it has been in constant use.

Now we have already given our daughter a habit.  In walking to the markets to buy fruit and veg on the weekend we started stopping at a cafe on the way home.  We are regulars now – they simply ask if we want the banana bread (hard to pass up).  And baby chinos are just cute.  It has been fun to watch her progress from eating with a spoon to drinking just like one of us.  Now it is much much worse.  Since Saturday we have been making baby chinos at home.  We of course tell her she is having coffee and recently when we went out for dinner she asked for a coffee.  I swear the waitress looked at us like we were unfit parents!

None of this sounds bad, but I can see a very near future when she shall demand one. Yesterday we had coffee and fruit mince pie at her little table. The day before we gave her one with her cereal.  Can you tell I am on leave?  Of course she can already tell when the machine is on.  Coffee the little voice pipes up.  Her father and her are going to be in a constant tussle over the two espresso cups. Not sure she’ll accept a “coffee” in her melamine cup!

Anyway enough about coffee.  As is the case in the southern hemisphere Christmas Day is a warm affair.  This is our very first time as just our little family.  In marking the occasion we sat outside when it was just the two of us while our little coffee addict had her nap.  As you can see, a Christmas tree dish, a NZ favourite – onion dip – in a dish of the South Island (if you look closely I marked the location of the section we bought this year!), and a heart dish to mark that Christmas is love.  And of course there was wine – a kiwi sauvignon blanc.  And by utter randomness in flipping over the bought Christmas pudding to remove the packaging I noticed it was made in New Zealand.  So a pretty good New Zealand – North Melbourne Christmas.  And in honour of the colder climes and tradition we are having some turkey, it is in the oven as I type – albeit we think we will eat it outside.

So finally in the words of Snoopy, from my favourite Christmas song (Snoopy & the Red Baron), “Merry Christmas my friends”.  See you in 2015.