A First Treasury Inclusion

There are aspects about this electronic world that are just as real as a person to person interaction, especially in your own reactions.  One of my items has featured in a Etsy treasury entitled Pretty in Pink by Robyn Faye Designs, and I am so excited!  Someone has stumbled across something I have made in this large marketplace that is Etsy and liked it enough to include it in a themed collection all of their own choosing.  Cannot help but make you feel good.  (There is my scarf on the second row)

Pretty in Pink

My Etsy shop is still very much in its infancy.  I am playing around in my spare time with a few product ideas.  Though as a full time working mum of one joyous toddler spare time is best described as a little scant.  I literally have two more scarves that have been sitting on a shelf beside me since at least before Christmas just waiting for me to sew in the ends and photograph (evidence below).  I am easily distracted by the next new thing…!  But I am having fun, and as the saying goes better late than never, those scarves will make it to my shop.

Made in North Melbourne