Shrug – clothing and shoulders!

I am knitting a shrug for my little girl.  I also have to admit to a bashful shrug of my shoulders.

I have been knitting on and off for decades now, as in plural  But, and here goes, I have never been a strong fan of actually sewing up knitted items.  And even more put off by the idea of having to pick up stitches and knit edging and the like.  (Imagine bashful shrug of my shoulders here)  I know, two pretty basic techniques for knitting, how on earth can I really call myself a knitter?!  After putting in all the work with the actual knitting, I just do not want to ruin it!  Hence I knit a lot of scarves.

However given my claim on knitting is in the decades, that I am intent on finishing off all the undone projects currently stashed in the lounge cupboard (thereby freeing me of long held guilt – one item dates back to me buying wool for a friend at work expecting their first child who I think is now about 7 – the shame I know!), and my daughter needed a light cardigan for summer – I am about to bite those two long held bullets and both pick up stitches and sew up knitting to make my daughter a shrug.

For those of you who are interested I am knitting a pattern that is currently available for free, which you can find here.  And in doing so I have to thank the wonderful Twisted Yarn. On her blog she had made reference to Deramores more than once, which enticed me to check out what it was.  Turns out to be this great on line knitting, yarn, patterns, etc., shop (which by the way also ships to Australia).  And this is where I found afore mentioned free pattern.  I have never knitted a pattern before where the fronts are the smallest and the sleeves the biggest.  Wish me luck with my dreaded next steps, and hopefully a photo to follow soon showing a finished shrug.

What have you been putting off?

7 thoughts on “Shrug – clothing and shoulders!

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  3. I knitted as a teenager, but when I decided a couple of years ago to take it up again, I had to take a knitting course because I didn’t know how to cast on stitches — my mother had always done that part, and the casting off part for me. Perhaps you’ve got a mother who could do the sewing together part for you? 🙂


  4. Let’s just say Peter Walsh needs to come to my house to organize and purge my basement. In his absence, my plan is to work 1/2 days the last week of March whilst my parents look after my 7 year old (spring break) so I can do this myself.


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