Rant of a working mum

I am totally missing in action and it annoys the hell out of me!  Now according to The Free Dictionary the definition of rant is, “To express at length a complaint or negative opinion“. So here I go.

I am soooooooo busy.  Work seems to be coming out of my ears.  I cannot recall the last time I stopped for lunch.  I work through it every day.  I do not stop for morning or afternoon tea.  On the flip side the best thing about being a working mum is that I do leave at 5 pm, and being late means I leave somewhere between then and 5.30 pm at the very latest.  In the past (B.C. = before child for me!) I would seldom leave before 7 pm, and often worked many evenings and weekends.  My daughter does come first now.  She has my undivided attention from the moment I leave work until she goes to bed.  But then once she has gone to bed and her dad and I have had dinner, if we haven’t had it with her, I generally get back on the computer and of late have been working until 11/11.30 pm.  Go to bed.  Get up.  Repeat.  No relaxation whatsoever.

I am managing about a blog post once a month.  My Etsy efforts have dwindled almost into non-existence.  Don’t ask me that last time I did any exercise (that was pre-arrival of the little girl).  I am not doing anything for me.

Now many of you out there could say that this is self-inflicted.  And there is probably much truth in that.  My dear other half is always saying that workplaces even without intent will take advantage of people.  There is always more work that can be done.  I should say that I am in a senior role, in the core of senior leadership at a large organisation.

But I have to say that ever since I went back to full time work something hasn’t felt quite right.  Now I have been incredibly lucky, with the luxury of 9 months off when she was born, and then being part time with a progressive time increases over 15 months, commencing at 3 days per week, then 3 & 1/2 days per week, and then 4 days per week until she turned 2.  And for my first 3 months back at work when she was 9 – 12 months old she was at home with Dad.  I managed to breast feed until she was 16 months old, she has homemade food, and there are only a handful of nights when Mum & Dad haven’t both put her to bed together.  But I would go back to 4 days per week in a heartbeat. There is something about that additional day that on one hand helps me not get so drawn into work, and more importantly gets me that wonderful, will never occur again time with my little girl.  I have this personal manifesto that if I complain about something 3 times I have to either do something about it or shut up!

Ok, rant over, time for me to take action or be quiet…  Any thoughts out there?