Nothing like candlelight

If you happened to have read my previous post you will know that I am trying to find some needed balance in my life, a state of being I hope to reach sooner rather later (or heaven forbid too late!).

In the midst of one of those days I came home to the delivery of some new scented candles – in these days of largely electronic communication a parcel always generates excitement.  Two of the names hit me straight away Lemonade Stand and Unwind Time – the first took me back in a heartbeat to a younger more carefree time; the second was something that as a working mum I related to instantly (albeit working mums do not solely own the need for time to unwind!).  I always remember being told you will look back on your youth and realise it was the best time of your life, a time before responsibility. Now my intent is that feeling of youthful freeness does not need to only belong to my past life.  I want and need to bring it back, capturing some of that feeling that so much is ahead of you.  Given the average age expectancy nowadays, everything I have packed in already, and the ideas in my head, I believe I have a hell of a lot of living to go!

Having time to unwind was not often an issue in younger days, and should not seem utterly decadent now, but I have to admit that I have not been giving this enough priority in my life.  However there must have been something powerful in the fragrance of that candle as I followed this up by “decadently” watching “The Best of Me” twice in two days (it made me cry both times!) and then buying some Nicholas Sparks books as a treat to myself.  I am so delighted to say that I have already consumed one in its entirety – an easy read can be a great read – transporting you away.  And I have another two to indulge myself.

Thinking of indulgence, even an ordinary day can be transformed by a simple touch.  It happened to be a warm evening the day the candles arrived, our littley had gone to bed, and we were having dinner later.  So we sat outside in our courtyard garden, eating by candlelight. I highly recommend it. And the most amazing thing about the silhouette candle I do not want to reveal, as it would give away the surprise, but the photos may give you a hint nevertheless!  I cannot wait to amaze someone else by using this candle…

Thanks to Air Wick for providing me some candles to enjoy (as I really did!).  Please note the opinions expressed are entirely my own.