My thanks to all you other Mums

I wanted to thank everyone that responded to my heartfelt post about overload.  I have been touched by every response.  Something so beautiful about Mums and the blogging community.  And I am pleased to say that I am taking two very tangible steps to making my work life balance better.  The first is that due to quite a large amount of accrued annual leave I am in a position to take a day off every fortnight for the rest of the year, and still have a reasonable amount of leave left.  A three day weekend every other week…utter bliss!  I think it will really help with me not taking work home as well, as I will put up my auto-reply out of office email on a Friday night and I think actively switch off from work.  I will probably wish that it was every week!  And I will admit I did seriously think about that, I almost had enough accrued annual leave to do that, but then would have nothing up my sleeve should a holiday opportunity arise.  So as off June that will be my working life for the rest of the year, nine days a fortnight.  You might say I am counting down.

The second is more work related.  I am about to meet with an executive coach because I want to ensure I am delegating as effectively as I could.  Now I do not think I am bad at this, but I think I could do with some improvement in this regard.  I am always a person to take on responsibility, forgetting I have a great team to assist me, and that my role is to lead.  Albeit I personally think good leadership includes some doing.  So some work on my lead/do balance is something I have initiated and I am looking forward to this as well.

So hopefully pretty soon I will look like this more often – and I will get to spend more time with my wee crazy!