The demise of the DVD store

I think I have tinge of sadness mixed with a good dose of rip off-itis. (I do not think I am just showing my age!)  

Our local DVD store is no longer.  With the emergence of online (or having just watched The Internship last night, can I say on the line!) this was always going to be an outcome, it just happened a little sooner than I had anticipated.  So the tinge of sadness comes from reflecting back to when I was at home with my then baby girl and sometimes my goal for the day was to walk with her in the pushchair to return a DVD.  Not quite Christopher Columbus conquering the new world, but the same sense of accomplishment!  What would be my equivalent now I wonder.

As I have said before we are somewhat tech savvy household.  And we have more than one option for hiring online, and I really do like that we can hire online – and I will admit there is a saving in not having to physically go to the store.  But at the same time the new providers do not have the same bricks and mortar presences so their costs are also different.  Though I do recognise that there is an IT cost.

However their price points are a little over the top.  Admittedly so far we have only tried the two providers, but I am comparing $6.99 for a hi def new releases to $5.50 from our DVD store.  Or really old movies are still expensive, like $4.99.  And then sometimes the only option is to buy the damn movie (to which my other half swears at the telly and says they have just lost a sale).  The old new release overnight hire, 3-day hire, weekly hire does not apply in the online world, but it is not a bad segmentation.  I think the online stores need to work on this.  The whole concept of charge a little less and heaven forbid make more money because you make more sales is not a new concept.  So that is my rip off-itus – I feel better for airing that.  How about you, what gets your goat?