Bad Mum (and Dad)

Do not ring the cops, I am not really a bad Mum, nor is my dear other half a bad Dad.  But on our scale of things bad or perhaps shocking is the word we might use about ourselves.

Of late on a Friday evening we have developed a tendency of having dinner out in our local area (North Melbourne).  Before children we often dined out.  But as we all know life changes.  Anyway the Friday night just gone we decided to do just that.  I picked up our sweetheart from daycare, and we met Dad at the local Thai restaurant.  Our little girl loves spring rolls, including the sweet chilli dipping sauce.  I treated myself to two small glasses of wine.  Dad had water.  Off home we went, and feeling extra lazy (end of the working week and all that) we thought we might put miss to bed without a shower, and give her one in the morning instead.  So as a special treat we sat on the couch to let her watch a smidgin of TV, about 15 minutes we were thinking.

Now Dad has been working some ridiculous hours of late.  And me a few more than I should have here and there.  I suddenly woke up about 40 minutes later – my little girl still snuggled against me watching TV.  Dad was still asleep.  If anyone had been a fly on the wall they would have seen two parents fast asleep and the little girl watching TV – the epitome of poor parenthood.  I am pleased to say we had put the TV onto a somewhat suitable kids movie (I cannot even remember what it was) – I am just glad to say that it had not ended and moved onto something we would be mortified for her to see.  Think both Mum and Dad can take something from this – less work, more sleep!

9 thoughts on “Bad Mum (and Dad)

  1. lol. You know, I can nearly picture that scene. It actually sounds pretty funny. And anyone seeing you all together snuggled on the coach, would have seen the love and togetherness, even is some was sleeping. 🙂 All you needed was a dog or a cat also snuggling there somewhere, and you would have the makings of a good tv advert. 🙂
    You were all together, and I am such you each enjoyed and loved it.

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