A confession…

I am addicted to… Married At First Sight Married At First Sight.

I know, I am a well educated woman who should know better, but I just love it!  When the episode finishes my immediate thought is oh no I have to wait for a whole week before I get to see the next instalment.

Now my dear other half and I have joked, more than once, and perhaps not entirely in jest (!), that the one thing we fear about our daughter is that she will like reality TV.  You may be getting my drift here, as a fairly good rule of thumb we bemoan the drivel the tv often spits out in this genre.  I better not let on that any indications in this regard may be a touch genetic!  Now my dear other half made a point of telling me these folk are not ‘really’ married, talk about trying to bring me down from a TV high!

Anyway for those that are vaguely interested the link to where you can watch the already aired episodes is right at the top.  But given the modern social media world we live in there is also Facebook link, and a Twitter feed.  Normal transmission will resume from me shortly!