How Heinz can rescue Mummy and Daddy

As a mum I have absolutely endeavoured to feed my daughter only home made food.  In the first year of her life the only time she had bought meals was at the end of a three week holiday visiting friends and family in NZ when she was seven months old.  Staying with family at the start we had been able to make her meals, but at the end we had to resort to buying products.  And I do not want to tell you about the nappy on the plane flight back when those afore mentioned products had made their way through her system – let us just say I will be forever grateful that her father dealt with it and not me!!

North Melbourne Spaghetti BologneseSince returning to work however the juggle of working and feeding a small person nutritious meals at a reasonable hour is not always easy. We have made the call as parents that hot chippies, cake and the like was not going to be our intended path. And while we are good and endeavour to have our left overs frozen for her there is only so much Spaghetti Bolognese that one toddler can eat!  As working parents the time window can sometimes be tight. Some nights she will eat without us, however she much prefers to eat with us, sometimes even coming back for dinner part deux!  However not all things we eat are to her palate, I can see that cute little button nose wrinkling up.  So it is a continual learning curve.

Therefore I am always on the look out for alternatives that are close to what I might make. Hello the new Heinz for Baby range.   It is amazing how something can be right under your nose and yet you are oblivious.  There are a couple of things that really stand out for me with this new range.  It is lovingly prepared right here in Victoria.  The other thing that stood out to me is that the food is steam cooked.  And the third, I know I only said two, is that this food is actually tasty – I will not reveal the final tally of sharing with my daughter! How I wish these products had been around when my daughter was younger – while we may laugh at the nappy on the plane incident now – it was definitely a story we would prefer not to have – I think I was up for nappy changing for ages after that!  Check out more here.

North Melbourne baby food

Thanks to Heinz for providing some samples for my daughter (and I!) to taste.  Please note however that the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

North Melbourne baby food