Cakes 2 the Rescue saved me!

As all parents know, time does not stand still.  In fact I think children mark time like nothing else on earth.  Before, you could pretend that something was only six or 18 months ago. But with a child the barometer that they were two when that event occurred and they are now five – means that three years must have gone by!

And so I have just witnessed three years of my life go by.  My dear sweetheart has recently celebrated her birthday, and I can honestly say that the last year has raced by – too fast in my opinion!  So I, as was her Dad, were pretty keen to make a fuss over her.

Now as a working mum the thought of trying to make some spectacular cake was lending myself to thinking I would leave this task to her dear father (he is actually a pretty dab hand with this sort of stuff).  However one of the Mum’s at my daughter’s daycare mentioned a online business called Cakes 2 the Rescue.  Suddenly the way forward was a no brainer, and an order was placed.  I was blown away just by the package when it arrived. Everything, and I mean everything, had been thought of – including a box to cook the cake in – how cool is that?!  If I had tried to figure out how to make this cake, and then run around to get hold of all the ingredients:

  1. I probably would have had to have planned this before she was even born! and
  2. It would have looked sh*t!

I have to say that the cake was really good value.  And I also have to mention that there may have been a good natured tussle over who would make this, but I am pleased to say I won this one!  And while you cannot see her face – the smile was broad.  Clearly a clever Mum has developed a great business.  I loved all the little touches and could not recommend highly enough for every Mum and Dad.  I already know I will be an annual visitor!

This is NOT a sponsored post – I am just so grateful that this business exists!