A new online experience beckons: an education superstore

As a busy working mum I am a big fan of saving time whenever I can, to have more time to spend either with my sweet girl, her father, or heaven forbid all to myself!  Now as you know I am not always highly successful with this, in fact we know sometimes that I fail miserably, but I am never without hope of improvement.  There is nothing like a Monday to start afresh, and my personal favourite a Monday that starts on the first of a month.  Of course I am not convinced that this ever makes any difference, but hey I will take all the help I can get!

I may now have another trick up my sleeve.  As I have occasionally mentioned I am a fan of both online shopping and looking for a bargain, and a hallelujah moment can ensue when they coincide!  Well there is a new kid on the block in the form of a new online toy retailer superstore, child.com.au that may just give me one of those moments.

As a scientist who inherently believes in education it resonates with me that this online store is primarily geared towards educational toys and games, that idea of learning through play.  Now of course I am a big fan of play for play’s sake.  For example me pretending to be a tiger, I do with some regularity for my little girl; we tickle, we giggle, we paint nails. However the inner geek in me goes science and maths toys – way cool – sad I know!  But hey my girl has been told why leaves are green and blood is red (magnesium and iron porphyrins in case you were interested – thank you PhD thesis) since before she could talk!

There are also free learning activities to download – including handwriting practice and colouring in sheets.  We are just getting into colouring in at home, so I may find myself hitting this up for some action.  And with over 3,000 toys and resources available, selected by the site’s specialist team of former teachers and educators, there should be something for everyone.  I will let you know what I find.  What have been your children’s favourite toys?

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