Live the life you have always imagined

At the start of last year I shared the source of some of my inspiration – who said TV was all bad!  And continued to share quotes as the year progressed until about this time last year. Must mean I am now an uninspired soul!  Not entirely true, as I do call on more than one source for inspiration, and wanted to share with you another, the rather wonderful Annabel Langbein.

Probably two Christmases ago my mother-out-of-law gave me The Free Range Cook, a cook book by Annabel Langbein.  For some reason I went and purchased the associated TV series to watch and it is just amazing.  It is that really down to earth kiwi approach – great food, great friends, on the edge of the great outdoors.  I just wanted to step into that picture.  I highly recommend watching it almost simply for the enjoyment of delightful television.  Looking back now I am sure watching that series may have had a little bit of influence in our thinking to make that adventurous step and put a foot hold on a big change of life here.

I have always been a bit of a foodie, and do believe one of the true pleasures in life is yummy food enjoyed with others.  But with a busy life that has been squeezed out.  One of the joys has been that it has helped entice me back to playing in the kitchen – check out my Chocolate & Cranberry slice below, and here for the recipe.  At the same time as those TV ads became my mantra, I spied another Annabel Langbein cookbook, a summer edition with the subtitle a free range life – how could I resist?!   There is an awesome and easy pizza recipe in it that I highly recommend.

So to finish, I thought I would share with the you the last quote which is,

“Live the life you have always imagined because life is for living”

It is a timely reminder.  I have been making conscious changes to some aspects in mine, getting some wins, but also need to make some more adjustments.  While we may often feel that everything is beyond our control, that is frequently not as true as we let ourselves believe.  We often forget that much more is within our own control.  At the end of the day the most powerful person who can affect a change in our own life is ourselves. I am trying to get out there and life the life I imagine, I hope you are too.