Innocence of our children

There is something about childhood, innocence may be the right word.  Or carefree and without worry.  Certainly that ability to say it exactly as it is.  It is a shame we grow up, or in growing up that we lose some of that carefree-ness and inhibition.

What I am reflecting on today is whether I am already taking away some of that innocence from my daughter, unintentionally.  With the change in my working routine such that I take every second Monday off to have a day with my daughter I get excited and talk about this day off.  Indeed even before that I would often and still do say on a Friday night, it’s the weekend – yay.  And I have noticed that my daughter reflects this.  I say to her I have a day off work and you have a day off daycare, with a bit of celebratory squeal and raising of the hands and arms.  She has just started saying, unprompted, I have a day off, yay.

Is it sad that she already recognises the difference between the week and the weekend, being at daycare and having a ‘day off’?  Perhaps I am over estimating her comprehension – she is after all not quite three and a half yet.  And really what I may be seeing is my little sweetheart mimicking something that she sees her mother delighted about.  I am going to go with that – otherwise I will be taking on mother guilt and that will diminish the joy I have from changing to 9 working days a fortnight, and make me feel that the next step I am about to take – asking to go to 4 days a week is not enough.  When it will make all the difference in the world to me, and hopefully to her.