Healthy takeaway never tasted better

I don’t know about you, on one hand the end of the year cannot come soon enough – it has been a long year at work, and on the other the thought of getting organised for Christmas is something I cannot bear to contemplate – toast is acceptable for dinner every night until Christmas isn’t it?!  This in a household where both Mum and Dad are adept in the kitchen and share the cooking, but we are struggling beyond measure at the moment – I haven’t even graced my blog almost all of this month :o(  However I think I may have found a proverbial knight in shining armour to make the journey to the end of the year manageable, maybe even somewhat enjoyable.

Delicious, nutritionally balanced take-home meals lovingly prepared by a personal chef? Sounds too good to be true, or at least out of our price range.  However Carlton’s Kitchen & Pantry, the brainchild of trained chef, nutritionist and dietitian Charlotte Miller, with real food and good nutrition at the heart of all it does, looks like it can come to the rescue with a tasty range of high quality take-home meals based on the kind of healthy, gourmet fare we like to cook for ourselves.  The good news is just around the corner, literally and figuratively.

With years of experience working as a personal chef for clients all around the world, Charlotte knows better than most how to cater to individual tastes and keep things interesting and she is passionate about creating good quality meals that take the time and stress out of looking after yourself.  So I am about to check this out – and will let you know how we go.