Pineapple Icy Poles

If you are busy, or even if you are not busy I have a great and affordable idea to get you through the ensuing summer days. My daughter is a fan of ice blocks and ice creams. Particularly on the walk back from the park to our place, where we pass a place of potential purchase. Though she is getting familiar with the reply, “don’t have my wallet on me“, which is generally actually the truth. We of course indulge from time to time.

Not long after she was born I bought a little pack of ice block moulds from Ikea. Her father obviously thought I was completely mad as she was literally a baby on milk, but I clearly had a thought for the future, which I have finally put into action.

I literally bought a can of pineapple in juice, whizzed it up with the hand blender that has been largely collecting dust since the pureed food extravaganzas disappeared off the menu. Mixed in some water to dilute it down. Chucked it into the afore mentioned moulds with the help of the small kitchen hand. Left in the freezer over night – and they are good to go. The small kitchen hand has eaten them all, much to the delight and annoyance of her parents. They were seriously yum and we could easily have eaten them.

Think I may branch out and have a go with some fresh pineapple, not to mention there are loads more exotic options out there to try, like layers of strawberries and yogurt. But as a time poor working mum even I can manage these.