A book for the beach

Heading down the beach, and need an extra book to while away that down time? How about you try The Trivia Man by Deborah O’Brien. If you have ever participated in a trivia evening, had a friend who has a particular attention to detail, or know someone whose love life hasn’t gone to plan then there is something in this book that will appeal to you. As always, an appealing and easy to read book from one of my favourite Aussie authors. Indeed it has encouraged me to pick up Mr Chen’s Emporium again, and re-read the series.

In an utterly different vein, I finally finished Stoner by John Williams, a novel written in 1965, but set in earlier times. If you have been to University, perhaps more so if you have worked your way through a PhD, then this is an interesting read. In some ways utterly depressing, but in some ways kind of true to life and a reminder to live life.

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