New Year’s Resolutions in February

north melbourne 2016So am I super late in setting some goals for 2016, failed before I have even begun some might say? Perhaps I was ecstatic when I realised that the 1st of February this year was a Monday – a proverbial sign from a higher power – how can you not start something on a Monday when it is coupled with the first of a month (or is that just me?!). Or maybe a deeper pondering on what the start of a year means, particularly one that seems to have kicked into high gear already, with the first sixth of the year almost behind us all. In truth a combination of all of these things.

Resolutions, goals, is there a difference? Sometimes we like to reframe the word or words we use for a particular purpose. At first I thought this was a weakness of human nature but I have come around in my thinking – after all language is powerful. As a person I do like to take time to pause and reflect on what went before and what I would like going forward. Sometimes it is the roll over of a year that gets me to think about this, occasionally it is a birthday of a particular number, sometimes it is an event that triggers the thinking. However I have never been one to make resolutions as such, because for me the word has a sense of finality about it, whereas I tend to come from the camp that life can change with a single phone call (it has for me), so I am more of a goals or plans person, as those two words speak more to opportunity with leeway for change for me.

This year I was so excited about the 1st of February being a Monday. Why? Because I put together a list of things that I would like to achieve this year, with the specific idea that I would road test them for the month of January, and refresh the list once I had tried them out in January – ideas and actuality not always being the same thing.

And I came up with another idea that I am super excited about – I think some of my best thinking ever. Can you remember back to school or uni, when sitting a test, an exam, or writing an essay and getting a mark of 80% or more was like WOW, success; it was never about getting 100%, never about perfection. So for me this year if I achieve 80% of what I set out to do – that is a winner, that is what I am looking for, not perfection, but a sense of progress and achievement. Where along the way did we suddenly set ourselves targets in life that were doomed to failure from the get go, where even a small deviation is seen as failure?

I am not even disappointed with myself for not getting this off the ground for the 1st Feb, after all there are 11 months of the year after Jan, so I can ‘stuff’ up two months and still be in with a 80% chance.  I like that.  The whole year is still ahead of me.

What about you, do you make plans for the year?  Like my approach?  I would love to hear. 

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