NOT the current definition of a guilty mother…

On my day off with my little girl when she was having a rare nap (I am so sad those days are now almost gone!) I sat in our courtyard garden to eat my lunch and read a book (something I never do), and instead of stopping once I had eaten I decided to stay put and carry on reading – this should not be the definition of a guilty mother.

I felt a little indulgent and rather relaxed, but a thought pushed its way into my head, I should not feel guilty – it is a day off – if I cannot even feel like I am allowed a couple of hours to myself once in a blue moon there is something wrong. I would like to blame modern life (and there is something in that), but I have to take a share of the blame. Now this is daylight from where I was a year ago.  But the fact that I have entitled this mother guilt still talks of a life too busy, too much on the plate, not enough down time (a conversation that my other half and I actively have, with further steps in motion).

So to all you mums (and dads) out there – there is no guilt in taking some time for yourself – make sure you do from time to time.

north melbourne courtyard
Site of aforementioned book reading. Photo doesn’t do courtyard justice – when sitting on the couch you are looking at the hanging flower baskets on the fence and the sky!