Since finding out the Etsy exists I do endeavour to purchase from there on occasion. And boy is there some cool stuff to be had. I recently purchased this for a good friend, how groovy is this?!

Little Froggy Surf Shop
Little Froggy Surf Shop

Now there are endless good causes in the world, how do you choose child poverty over breast cancer – you can’t. Different causes resonate with different people at different times in their lives. As a woman who has had the good fortune to be well supported in my educative endeavours – my parents, who went to every parent-teacher evening, a father who never saw a single barrier to what I wanted to pursue (neither of my parents finished school but I went ‘all the way‘ obtaining a PhD in Science); a country that had a ‘Girls can do anything campaign while I was at school (that phrase has never left me and I still take it to heart); a supportive other half (he who did almost everything at home while I went and obtained an MBA while we both worked full time); my education has taken me to places and given my opportunities most women would not dream of.

Girls can go anything
Girls can do anything

Hence no stretch of the imagination to understand that I do like to see girls get the support or opportunities that they need or that can make a difference. And that is why I am making mention of #makeforgooda project powered by Australian ETSY sellers and in partnership with Plan International, who have a Because I am a Girl campaign, helping girls around the world access their right to education, health and protection. So if you happen to be shopping on Etsy, why not check out the #makeforgood products – as every sale gives a minimum of 20% towards this endeavour.

Girls can do anything: Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand