Baby Blanket Pattern

A delightful staff member at work is having her first child, so exciting. Now she is a talented woman – knit, crochet, make amazing cakes – you name it she can do it. So it is rather daunting to even think about making something myself to give to her. However she is such a generous person how can I not. So I have started a baby blanket for her. Potentially high risk – I did not finish the one for my daughter until the week after she was born! I am not making it in the size in the picture – I am making it to fit a pram/pushchair. Hope the downsize does not effect the look of the blanket.

baby blanket north melbourne

Now the colours in this blanket are gorgeous. I have deviated from the picture, another risk. I have gone with a single variegated green and yellow yarn, along with a white for the narrow stripe; so no alternating soft green and soft blue. Only about eight rows in at the moment so I will take a photo later for opinions about whether I made the right decision. And I am not being intentionally tight by purchasing an acrylic yarn – it was not my original intent, but I wanted to make a blanket that it did not matter whether it fell or was kicked out of the pushchair and onto the ground, as you will just be able to throw it in the washing machine.

The pattern is free, so if you like this, please find it here.  I am also kind of excited as I am using circular knitting needles for the first time in my life.  Wish I had known that you could use these for a blanket when I was knitting my daughter’s – I was using pegs to keep the stitches from falling off the end of the needles!

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8 thoughts on “Baby Blanket Pattern

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  2. It’s a lovely pattern and looks to be not too difficult. I am searching for a blanket pattern myself to use with some ve righted cotton I have ordered (I got solid white and blue as well for border). I’ve never made a cotton blanket before but thought is was a good lay on the floor “play blanket”. My yarn, it turns out is coming from the UK (to US) so the project is on hold long enough to find the perfect pattern. Keep us posted on your progress!

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  3. It made me smile to think of you knitting with pegs on the end of the needles. I used to hate using circular needles but have more recently become a convert. The stripey cardigan that I have on my blog from a couple of weeks ago is meant to be knitted on straight needles but I use circular and knit the back and fronts in one piece up to the armhole. Saves sewing the side seams. Looking forward to seeing your blanket.

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  4. I am impressed! With my current crochet skills I wouldn’t dare to go for such a big item 🙂 Good luck, hope you finish it on time!


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