Finally, a scarf for me

Well the change is not to take even longer between posts! Since making my last post’s bold statement it does feel like I have moved in entirely the opposite direction to what I am hoping to move in. Fortunately as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

What I am really exited to share with you is the scarf I finished knitting for myself and have actually had a chance to wear once or twice (spring is inching its nose around the corner here). You may recall that I bought this divine wool more than a year ago. What was that about Rome?!

I have never put tassels on a scarf (or anything else for that matter). For the life of me I could not imagine how to do it and always envisaged it would be pretty tricky. It is so easy I am tempted to put tassels on everything I knit! If you have never undertaken the joy of tassels I can highly recommend these two sites, a wiki How and this page from Felt Magnet. Think it took me longer to find the instructions than follow them – did I say how easy it is to do tassels?!! The photos do not really do the scarf justice – this may have something to do with the completely cracked lens on my phone, fortunately just about to be replaced. It was a simple ribbed pattern that came with the ball of gorgeous merino mohair wool. The scarf is light and so cosy, the colours so rich. While it may have only got an outing or two this year I foresee many for next winter.