Baby blanket finally finished

I have to confess that when I realised that I was not going to have enough time to finish the gift of a baby blanket before the mother-to-be finished up at work I took the proverbial foot of the gas, or in this case hands off the knitting needles. However I had taken the work in progress into work to show her before she swanned off (!) on maternity leave. I am pleased to say that she was delighted with the colours and the look, as was I. With the wee boy approaching eight weeks of age I was determined to get this out of my door, and I am utterly stoked with how the baby blanked turned out, from the colours to the texture. The photos do not quite capture the delightful brightness – may sound silly but it is a happy blanket! And the no longer mother-to-be is also delighted.

For those of you who are interested this was knitted with Passioknit baby Aran 10 ply – a sliver under one ball (250g) of the minty jubilee (mottled yellow/green/white) and about 20% of the snow (white) ball; total yarn cost about $8.40 – what a cheap friend am I! I had purchased two balls of the yellow/green thinking I would need them, and now have enough yarn over to make the entire blanket all over again – I won’t be – famous last words! The free pattern that I scaled down in size can be found here. The first time I have knitted f/b (front and back), such a simple pattern but so effective.