Catching dreams

It is not often that you see something in a picture and you make it and it turns out the same. I keep looking at this and going wow – I cannot believe I made this.

My daughter was a good sleeper, I can still remember returning to work after maternity leave and someone asking me how everything was going. I said great, to which they immediately replied ah, your daughter is sleeping through the night.

However the last couple of years her otherwise delightful imagination has often got the better of her. This young girl who is brave and strong in many other situations is not au fait with night time. We have tried all manner of different things to assist including the utterly magical sleep spray (water in a spray bottle ). It can be tricky to negate the sound logic of why do I have to sleep by myself when you and Dad do not have to! We of course know that she will grow out of this, albeit we will all benefit from less disrupted sleep sooner rather than later.

I am super delighted about this dream catcher for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with her sleeping better! I cannot recall quite how the subject of a dream catcher came up, however I found a pretty dream catcher (you can find it here) that both appealed to my daughter and looked like something I could make. I have to say now that we have a Spotlight in Queenstown it is a real boon, more than one trip may have been made in the making of this dream catcher!

The making also invoked the classic, “a poor workman always blames his tools” routineUntil a few days ago I did not own and had never used a glue gun. Now of course I purchased a cheap and cheerful version. I decided it was rubbish after its first use, leaking glue like a sieve, I am going to have to buy another one I exclaimed. Of course as the project progressed it was somewhat obvious that it was my glue gun inexperience. I am now thinking of all sorts of other projects that the glue gun can be used for!

Now I am a keen knitter and had some yarn that could be used, but of course some of the colours available were not to the liking of the small boss; to be fair I also though the same. I was pretty delighted to stumble across this rainbow yarn selection at Spotlight, cost me $4 – super happy – and someone wore it home as a necklace (not me!). And no, I have not tortured a doll in the making of this dream catcher either! It was the closest thing to hand when I needed a tool to squish the wool into the glue. It was really effective!

So what do you think, could I make and sell these? And any tips on getting a child to put themselves to sleep and not want constant company throughout the night…