Remarkables Market

If you are ever in town, Queenstown, New Zealand that is, I highly recommend a Saturday morning at the Remarkables Market. Of course I am a local now, and can walk there. However I have intentionally returned more than once.

As someone who used to live walking distance from the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, the scale is clearly somewhat of a change. Nevertheless the Remarkables Market has its own unique charm.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the fresh produce we often buy, however I have to say that a dozen free range eggs from there seems much cheaper than the supermarket. So apart from fresh fruit and vegetables, what have we purchased? My other half was totally taken by a stunning wood platter by Wine Country Creations, a Wanaka based business who handcraft wine barrels into items of beauty you can use. Unsurprisingly we have bought more than one artisan food item. We have a raspberry jam-aholic in our house (not me, and not our daughter!) so the raspberry jam from Heritage Preserves has already been devoured. For those of you who like to dunk your bread in oil the Dunford Grove garlic infused olive oil is hard to go past, and with the gorgeous dukkah it can be a bit of bread frenzy in our house. More recently I tried something a little different – and I will be going back for more. Now I have always been a fan of sparkling drinks; at university I was fond of sparkling ribena, while pregnant I developed a fondness for tonic water, when I want a treat I often gravitate to a sparkling drink (ok I LOVE champagne!). What did I try – the schisandra berry sparkling water by Revive Water Kefir – I had never heard of schisandra berries before, but I adored the colour of the drink. It was delicious, and I was surprised and delighted to realise that it essentially had no calories, what a bonus! So you can kind of see why I have returned, and will go back again.

The Remarkables Market runs every Saturday morning from late October to early April, and more details can be found here and here.