Hooked on hooking

Probably a cliché I know; the definition of cliché being, “a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought”, but it is the truth nevertheless. My first foray into crochet was a simple chain – I was pretty over the moon about that. Now I can make actual items –  my mouth hits the bottom of the floor…

nylon shower puffI have never, and I mean never ever, made so many items with a new technique. I am totally hooked! I have long used the nylon shower poufs, but with the stopping of single use plastic shopping bags here in New Zealand it initiated a bit more reflection. Clearly single use plastic shopping bags a first step in much larger needed change. Hence my decision to stop using the nylon shower poufs. However I needed a replacement – I have never been a facecloth person.

Here enter the crochet version, made of cotton. I have already made six of them, yes six! They have been so much fun to make. Something in the making of them really appeals to me. And perhaps unexpectedly I think the cotton version may even be better, not simply because it will last longer and when finally it falls apart, it is biodegradable. My first ever one has been through the wash and the drier as a test, and it is now softer, as cotton is want to do. It feels lush.

I have also had, again an un-original idea, to try and sell them as a hobby. Not because I imagine this will become my new day job. Rather that there will likely be other people out there who might also want to make the change, but for whom crochet is not their thing. One of my colleagues at my real day job is trialling, with an early positive response. And lo and behold another colleague while having this feedback conversation said, ‘do you sell them?’ So my un-original idea may have some merit. I have extended the idea to cotton make up removers, also known as face scrubbies. The first two trials are in the photo, I am currently perfecting my technique – code for those two have gone to my six year old for playing in the shower with!

If you are interested in making a shower (or bath) pouf I highly recommend this video. One of the good things about the internet is access to instructions to enable yourself to learn new techniques.  I went from chain and slip stitch to magic circle (loop) and felt very proud. And if you are interested in making the face scrubbies I recommend this video. I can puff stitch, and that also delights me. There is nothing like mastering a new technique.  Both videos have been played more than once by me!