Time for more change

Would you believe it is seven years since I started this blog. How do I know that? Because (and I know you should never start a sentence with because!) my daughter is about to turn seven years old, and I started this blog – then called North Melbourne Mum – three weeks after she was born.

In this time many things have transpired, the biggest change being moving country and returning to live in the country of my birth, having left when this century was just beginning. The last time I lived in New Zealand, 9/11 had not yet occurred, though it would later the same year.  Indeed my immediate reaction to that startling tragedy was a desire to get on a plane home to NZ from London. And yet here in this beautiful country we have been marred by a similar sort of tragedy.

The move back to NZ prompted a blog name change, with North Melbourne Mum becoming Going Which Way, a name change I pondered for quite some time. The new name is perhaps more insightful than I intended! For some reason the relocation and the inevitable changes that occur with such a move have made me ponder and mull more. It has made me more aware about sustainability; maybe it is simply more obvious here. There is also something about this country that makes you feel like you want to and can make a difference. Having been away almost two decades it is a mindset that had diminished in me, perhaps even gone altogether – or maybe we all lose that with the digits of our age start getting higher! It was one of the first things that really stood out to me – a sense of optimism coupled with a give it a go attitude.

The Lao Tzu saying, “every journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step“, combined with thinking about having a better planet for my daughter, or at least one that is not in worse condition than it is in now, has resonated with me. While the recent stopping of single use plastic bags is not sufficient, it is a move in the right direction, and we already see some ripples; like less packaging for fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. Small changes can add up over time. I am not signalling that larger collective action is not required, it is. However waiting for collective action is not good either. Every small change can make a small difference, and it is from the small changes that big changes stem.

Why am I reflecting upon about this? Well I am re-purposing this blog. I tossed around the idea of halting the blog, but that did not feel right. I am really proud of what I achieved on here. There may be a past post or two which is just what one person needs to read one day. What has given me the most joy is the online connections I have made. Some people I have chatted with, through comments regularly, and feel like I almost know them and it seems like they live just down the street. Thank you.

So this is not good bye, and instead of the evident decline signally a likely death, this is now an intentional signalling of focus and frequency change, which feels right and the weight of not posting regularly has vanished. So which way am I going? I have decided to focus on making new and recycled products on a small scale, that contribute to a smaller footprint on the planet. Emphasis on the small, I am one person! And I am giving it a go with optimism! This blog will veer in that direction. Check out my first steps below and here.